Our Editor and main writer has spent more than 12 years preaching the Gospel when called to, and teaching the Middle School, High School and now the Young Adults classes at the Leander Church of Christ. He has written several articles for a now defunct Christian e-magazine and several for the Longridge Writing School.

Currently all articles are written by him, but as other Christian writers submit accepted works you will see articles by them as well.

May God bless you always.

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Published Title Author
 07/15/2011   Fireproof Your Relationship with God    Chris Anderson  
 08/01/2011   Walking the Walk    Chris Anderson  
 08/15/2011   So You Think You Know Me    Chris Anderson  
 09/01/2011   Euro-Christ or Biblical Christ    Chris Anderson  
 09/15/2011   Dead Faith    Chris Anderson  
 10/01/2011   False Prophets and False Gospels    Chris Anderson  
 10/15/2011   To Use or Not To Use...    Chris Anderson  
 11/01/2011   My Personal Comfort Zone    Chris Anderson  
 11/11/2011   Remembering Veterans Day   Chris Anderson  
 11/15/2011   Only One Way    Chris Anderson  
 12/01/2011   10 Lessons from Jesus and the Cross   Chris Anderson  
 12/15/2011   Witchcraft and Sorcery   Chris Anderson  
 01/01/2012   Revelation 01 - Prologue   Chris Anderson  
 01/15/2012   Revelation 02 - Chapter 1 - Introduction   Chris Anderson  
 02/01/2012   Revelation 03 - Letter to Ephesus   Chris Anderson  
 02/15/2012   Revelation 04 - Letter to Smyrna   Chris Anderson  
 03/01/2012   Revelation 05 - Letter to Pergamum   Chris Anderson  
 03/15/2012   Revelation 06 -Letter to Thyatira   Chris Anderson  
 04/01/2012   Revelation 07 - Letter to Sardis   Chris Anderson  
 04/15/2012   Revelation 08 - Letter to Philadelphia   Chris Anderson  
 05/01/2012   Revelation 09 - Letter to Laodicea   Chris Anderson  
 05/15/2012   Revelation 10 - The Throne   Chris Anderson  
 06/01/2012   Revelation 11 - The Scroll and the Lamb   Chris Anderson 
 06/15/2012   Revelation 12 - The Seven Seals   Chris Anderson 
 07/01/2012   Revelation 13 - The Seven Trumpetes   Chris Anderson 
 07/15/2012   Revelation 14 - The Woman, the Child, the Dragon, and the two Beasts   Chris Anderson 
 08/01/2012   Revelation 15 - The Seven Bowls   Chris Anderson 
 08/15/2012   Revelation 16 - Babylon the Prostitute   Chris Anderson 
 09/01/2012   Revelation 17 - Praise for the Lord and the Lamb   Chris Anderson 
 09/15/2012   Revelation 18 - The Return of Christ   Chris Anderson 
 10/01/2012   Revelation 19 - The 1,000 Years   Chris Anderson 
 10/15/2012   Revelation 20 - Satans Doom   Chris Anderson 
 11/01/2012   Revelation 21 - Judgment   Chris Anderson 
 11/15/2012   Revelation 22 - New Heaven   Chris Anderson 
 12/01/2012   Revelation 23 - Conclusion   Chris Anderson 
 03/20/2014   One Thing   Chris Anderson 
 02/10/2015   Survivalist\'s Guide to God   Chris Anderson 

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