Are you a Christian Writer looking to write articles that glorify our Lord? Are you looking for a place to be able to serve Him with your writing skills? We may have a place or you. We are always looking for talented and knowledagble Christian writers who know the Word and can put that towards encouraging others.

At this time there is no compensation for article. If that changes in the future, understand that any sort of payment method will not be retroactive. rights.

You, the author, own the copyright of any work done here, but you need to understand your publishing rights. To undertand your rights, here is a good article on Knowing Your Rights

What we require in an article:
  • A Loving Christian attitude
  • Show a Knowledge and Understanding of The Word
  • Scripturally backed up statements
  • No denominational based articles
  • Remember that we have ultimate say as to what we will and will not publish
If you feel you want to write articles, please Email us and be sure to either attach ZIPped MS Word or Text sample files of your work. Make sure the work is between 1000 and 40000 words, Give us a brief history of yourself and your beliefs, you real name, address and a good email address.

If we decide to use you, we will inform you of the publishing schedule and how often we need articles from you. We will allow you to pick the topic. We will review and let you know if we decide to publish the article - or give what reasons we chose not to - and let you know the date you can expect to see it available on the site.

We generally try to have articles written, critiqued and ready for publishing at least 1 month or more in advance.

Thank you for considering this ministry.

The Staff and the Editor of Renew A Right Spirit

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